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Achieve Level 6 English Revision Book (15 Pack) - 2015 Edition

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Help your brightest pupils achieve a Level 6 with Achieve revision books and practice questions.

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Achieve Level 6 English Revision Book

  • KS2 (Ages 7-11)
  • ISBN: 9780857696694
  • Media: Book

Help your brightest pupils achieve a Level 6 with Achieve revision books and practice questions. These band new books cover all the topics children will need to master in order to succeed in the Level 6 National Tests in 2014. These pupil workbooks are ideal for using in class or as homework.

They retain all of the features that schools love about the Achieve series:

  • Step by step flow chart approach to answering the questions
  • Questions that match the style of the 2015 National Tests
  • Top tips for test success
  • Revision books and practice questions books that follow the same order

Over 9,000 schools trust Achieve every year to help them prepare for the National Tests.



  • Using answer stems to structure reading phrases,
  • Make inferences from challenging texts
  • Summarising quotations,
  • Using quotations to support answers,
  • Understanding the role of the writer,
  • Understanding how writers shape a text,
  • Comparing the organisation and development of a theme,
  • Understanding the writers’ use of language,
  • Understanding authors’ use of sarcasm, irony, apathy and paradox,
  • Give detailed evidence for your opinions at word, sentence and text levels
  • Explain writers’ viewpoints using detailed textual evidence (using PEE),
  • Recognise textual conventions,
  • Explore how the same literary form is used differently in different times,

Technical English

  • The 3 strands of a successful writer,
  • Identifying features of a good writer,
  • VOCABULARY: Informal and formal language,
  • Imaginative vocabulary and language,
  • SENTENCE & GRAMMAR: Different types of sentences,
  • What is a conjunction?
  • Using prepositions and pronouns accurately,
  • Varying sentence length,
  • Identifying word families: nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives,
  • To identify different types of nouns: proper, common, collective and abstract,
  • Using prepositions and pronouns,
  • Use of verb forms (regular and irregular)
  • Accurate understanding of tenses,
  • Using the active and passive voice,
  • Identifying the main clause and subordinate clause,
  • PUNCTUATION: to mark the structure of sentences and for clarity,
  • Punctuation: using a range of features including colons, semi-colons, hyphens and dashes,
  • SPELLING: Word families, roots of words, prefixes, suffixes, inflections, Vowel, consonant, syllable and homophones

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