1T. Collins Big Cat Sets - Ruby Starter Set: Band 14/Ruby - 53 titles

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The ideal way to try Collins Big Cat, to plug gaps and to refresh your reading resources at unbeatable prices. Starter sets contain a complete list of titles from each band with a 20% discount on the normal price.

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Collins Big Cat Sets - Ruby Starter Set: Band 14/Ruby

Collins Big Cat provides complete support for primary reading with books banded from Lilac to Pearl.

Collins Big Cat sets are the ideal way to try Collins Big Cat, plug gaps and boost your reading resources at unbeatable prices. All sets include a built-in 20% discount.

The Ruby Band Set contains 1 copy of every title available within Band 14/Ruby.

Ruby band books provide increasing opportunities for children to develop their skills of inference and deduction. The Ruby Band Set is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils in Year 4 and contains the following 53 books:

Aladdin and the Genies
Atlantic Adventure
Flash Harriet and the Missing Ostrich Eggs
Flash Harriet and the Mystery of the Fiendish Footprints
Flora and the Flames
Gathering in the Days
Great Granny Chan
Jaws and Claws and Things with Wings
Moon Base Beta
Sophie’s Rules
Tara Binns: Big Idea Engineer
Tara Binns: Daring Diver
Tara Binns: Roving Robotics Genius
The Black Bull
The Dragon’s Bride and Other Dragon Stories
The Firebird: A Russian Folk Tale
The Footballing Frog
The Gargling Gorilla
The King Who Thought He Was Clever: A Folk Tale from Russia
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
The Rat-Catcher of Hamelin
The Scientist's Apprentice
The Signalman: Two Ghost Stories
The Talking Bird


Black Holes
Climate Strike
Early Kings of England
Extreme Sports
Food Chains
Four-Desert Challenge
Greatest Ashes Moments
How to Be a Roman
How to Be a Tudor
How to Build a Skyscraper
Maggots on the Menu
Oceans Alive
Surgery Through Time
The Bristol Bus Boycott: A Fight For Racial Justice
The Celts
The Life Cycle of a Polar Bear
The Water Cycle
Vikings in Britain
Welcome to My City
What’s Up with Time?
Where Do You Live?


Publication Date 12-09-2023
ISBN: 978-0-00-866041-3


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