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Rising Stars Assessment Optional Tests | Set A, B & C

Optional Tests for Reading, GPS and Maths

These two sets of summative tests support schools in assessing children’s knowledge, understanding and application of the new programmes of study for English and mathematics.

Rising Stars Optional Tests:

  • are written in the style of the new national tests to build confidence
  • provide evidence of children’s learning in relation to the programmes of study
  • offer a whole-school approach to summative assessment from Year 1 to Year 6.

Click on the buttons below to view products from SET A, SET B & SET C. 

There are two complete sets of Rising Stars Optional Tests available for Years 1 to 6. SET A, SET B & SET C are in line with the Department for Education’s new national tests frameworks and are pitched at the same level of demand, so results can be reliably compared. 

Two sets of comparable tests provide you with greater choice and flexibility, so you can set the tests throughout the year as best suits your assessment policy.

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