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WordBlaze Pupil Workbooks Class Pack

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WordBlaze Pupil Workbooks Top-Up Pack (For 6 children)

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The WordBlaze Pupil Workbooks Group Pack includes 6 copies of each of the 6 Pupil Workbooks.

What's included?

6 copies of each of the 6 Pupil Workbooks

WordBlaze is a fun, fast-paced programme that consolidates and extends spelling and reading beyond early phonics.

WordBlaze offers a multi-sensory approach that makes learning to read and spell motivating, fun and memorable.

Use WordBlaze with your Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6) mainstream classes and intervention groups to improve reading and spelling. Each of the six pupil booklets use exciting global themed challenges to engage children while rapidly teaching grapheme and spelling rules. Fast-paced and motivating activities engage and challenge children to beat their own scores while improving reading and spelling skills.

Easily demonstrate progress
Children rapidly improve reading fluency, embed spelling rules and widen their vocabulary. Weekly spelling tests and regular reviews enable teachers to monitor and demonstrate progress easily.


Pupil Challenge Workbooks:
Challenge 1 - Row the Atlantic
Challenge 2 - Paddle the Amazon
Challenge 3 - Cycle Africa
Challenge 4 - Ski the South Pole
Challenge 5 - Run Australia
Challenge 6 - Conquer Everest

Pupil Challenge 1
Pupil Challenge 2 Pupil Challenge 3 Pupil Challenge 4 Pupil Challenge 5 Pupil Challenge 6
Row the Atlantic Paddle the Amazon Cycle Africa Ski the South Pole Run Australia Conquer Everest
Long and Short Vowels/Syllables ai Plurals ir y→ i ph
Evil e (1) ay ce ci cy oi Silent Letters tious tient tial tiate
Evil e (2) ee ke ke ky oy air able ably
Evil Endings ea ge gi gy au ch (k) cian  ciate  cious
          cial cient
Doubling igh gue gui guy aw ear -ible -ibly
Flossy Zack -y dge ou are sure sion
tch oa ur ow ie ei ant ance ancy
ar ow ture ea eer ough
er oo tion Silent Letters ore sion ssion
or ew -y oo ey ent ence ency
wa war wor ue ous ui ear ch (sh)
-le Blazing Extras: Blazing Extras: Blazing Extras: Blazing Extras: Blazing Extras:
  al,el, il wh ire x/ ex oe o ou o ei ey que oor oar medial y
  ould al/all be- ou ie ei i ey ea ic ere ear our silent p ive
  HF words HF/Y3-4 words   NC Y5-6 words split vowels
  (not in patterns) (not in patterns)   (not in patterns)  

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Additional Information

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