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13 Full colour Picture Books level 2.9 to 4.3

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This great pack of picture books contains thirteen titles coming from a range of Authors such as;
Angela Mitchell
Neil Irani
Giles Paley-Phillips
Elli Woollard
Samantha Hale
Daisy Dawes
Julie Fulton
Penny Little
Zoa Gypsy.

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This great pack of picture books contains thirteen titles coming from a range of Authors such as; Angela Mitchell, Neil Irani, Giles Paley-Phillips, Elli Woollard, Samantha Hale, Daisy Dawes, Julie Fulton, Penny Little and Zoa Gypsy.

The Bunny that Couldn't be Found
Princess Lolly is beside herself when her pet dog, Johnny Bunny, goes missing. But there is a slight misunderstanding when the local constabulary start searching for a bunny rabbit. . .

The Goblin and the Girl
Princess Stay Awake
The Princess will not go to sleep and the King and Queen are at their wits' end! There's only one person who can help!

Tamara Small and the Monsters' Ball
On a windy night Tamara lies awake in bed, when she hears a noise outside her room. Suddenly she is whisked away by a hairy arm and taken to the village hall! Luckily it is just the monsters from her neighbourhood inviting her to their ball. She has fun dancing with all the monsters before being sent back home with a lovely slice of slime cake!

The Pet Itch
Mossy wants a Pet Itch but his family won't let him. So his sister comes up with a sly scheme!

Sparkle's Song PB
Sparkle's life feels empty without music, so when she hears music coming from the forest she cannot help but follow it. Sparkle is sent to live with her Aunt Mildred in the middle of nowhere. Sparkle s radio is banned from the house. One day whilst playing outside Sparkle hears beautiful music coming from the forest. She goes in search of it but soon finds herself lost amongst the trees...

The Fearsome Beastie
The fearsome beastie is hungry, so he leaves his cave in search of something to eat. The children of the town are fooled by the beastie s sly tricks and end up getting eaten! But don t fear, little Pete escapes and gets the one person who can save the day. His granny!

The Jelly That Wouldn't Wobble
It is Princess Lolly's 89th birthday and she is holding a banquet. For her birthday the cook has made the most magnificent jelly. However the jelly refuses to wobble! All the different guests try different ways of making it wobble but the jelly is stubborn; it doesn t want to be eaten. Finally the smallest guest comes up with an idea to put ice cream with the jelly. Suddenly the jelly begins shivering and quaking, then finally it wobbles.

Get Ahead Fred

Miss Dorothy Jane Was Ever So Vain
Dorothy-Jane thinks her good looks and stylish clothes make her popular. However when on her way to Hamilton Shady's Best Lady Competition, Dorothy-Jane must put aside her vanity to save the day.

Mrs McCready Was Ever So Greedy

It's time to clean the fish bowl - in the sink you go, Lucky! But then Dad does what he said you should never do - pull out the plug! Will we ever see poor Lucky again?

Dog Dectectives: Lost in London
Riddling rats, meddlesome bats, and six missing ravens! The Dog Detectives are cycling through the busy streets of London when they crash into a new case: the guardians of the city, six black ravens, are missing from the Tower of London. With the help of the rat riddler, the Dog Detectives must solve the riddles and find the ravens, before it s too late!

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Additional Information

Publisher No
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Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction
Interest Level LY, MY
Reading Level 2.9 - 4.3


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